Smart house app

Design of the smart home application. With large number of rounded corners and white space, users can freely edit and control the relevant buttons of the home for easy operation; users can also manually set some automated home activities to set up various scenarios. In this concept project, full platform support has been added.

Home app


The new iPad OS interface allows users to manipulate them more intuitively, and the related controls are retained here, reducing the development difficulty.


In order to become a part of the application, user is required to go through a registration process and add specific loyalty schemes to their account.

A new way to edit

The most important tasks & events to be accomplished by a prototypical user and eventual paths in the app.

Room and house management

It's more convenient to control the user house and room, the user can switch freely, and the new interaction mode brings the user deep experience in the screen.

Music control

Volume adjustment interface has been created to directly downwardly control the volume.

Air conditioner

The air-conditioning interface has been redesigned and produced, with a focus on the simplicity of the the air conditioning's complexity.

Easy way to control wind speed

Similar to control volume, the user can directly control the wind speed while selecting the ode of the air conditioner.


In the device interface, user can view related information about the device, such as device name, connection status, and charging status.

Dark mode

Dark mode and version for Mac OS. Insane look for iOS 13 update.

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