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The application with a focus on students, makes it possible to find teachers or help students become flight attendatns

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About task

Thousands of people dream of flying on airplanes as part of the crew, but do not know where to start. My client decided to help them by creating and application where anyone can take profession lessons from the current members of the flight crew.

About goal

Usability above all! Easy navigation, clear intuitive interface, attractive design should not be supplanted by the originality of the filling itself. It is necessary to adhere to technical aesthetics, to get rid of "bells and whistles" in time.


The profile was supposed to correspond to all modern design trends: to be intuitive, minimalistic and maximally functional.


The calendar is made simple for user perception: with it, a flight crew member can indicate the dates available for classes, while the student can choose dates convenient for classes.

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I have created a service payment system that is interconnected with a rating system, which helps students find more optimal teachers based on hourly rates.


As a result, I got a bright, rich and inspiring mobile application design, while we managed to maintain the maximum purity and simplicity of overall concept.

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